Travel Bloggers Podcast: A Guide to Great Travel Writing By Nick Dalton

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In this episode we are focusing on travel writing, and hear the perspective of Nick Dalton.

Nick Dalton is a very experienced and full time travel writer. He currently works for national newspapers in the UK and in the free time he does some freelance writing, If you are interestedd to buy a custom-written thesis, feel free to contact him. He writes Frommer Guides with his partner Deborah Stone and also runs Travel Writing Workshops in the UK. These workshops of around 10 − 12 people are a partnership between Nick and Deborah and Silver Travel Advisor (a travel agency specialising in travel for the over 50s).

In the interview with Nick, you will hear him talk about the following:The objectives, format and structure of the workshops they run. What was interesting to me is that the objective is “helping people to write well (full stop). That the secret to great travel writing is about mastering the basics and fundamentals.Tips and advice and being a good writer. And as you will hear, he explains the importance of understanding the basics of writing, and he illustrates this by disecting the most recent article I had posted on my blog before I had met him. I encourage you to listen to how he approaches it and the tips he gives, as they were incisive, clear, critical and very inspiring. They are obvious when he points them out, but fundamental mistakes I think many of us bloggers make. His style is also interesting on how to feed back to writers about their work, something I think also is a learning as we try and feedback to others.Advice for bloggers hoping to become professional full time or published writers in the future.