About Us

Someone2travelwith was founded by Diane Denney and Andrew Millie
The idea for Someone2travelwith formed in Diane’s mind more than 5 years ago. Over a dinner conversation with friends, the name “Worlds Apart” was jokingly bandied about by a “happily” married couple – she had always wanted to go to Egypt and see the Pyramids; he had no such inclination. Diane suggested they take separate holidays! Since that time the concept has been developed through to its exciting and long awaited launch in November of 2005.

A foundation of experience
Diane and Andrew, have travelled extensively as single people and still continue to travel as individuals whilst pursuing their own specialist interests.

Diane has over 25 years’ experience working in the travel trade and has therefore first-hand experience of the frailties and weaknesses of the trade in dealing with the issues affecting single travellers.

There are many pleasures associated with travelling as a single person, and Someone2travelwith is not designed to change that, but to actively encourage more people to pursue their dream to travel. Many people are lucky enough to have friends and family to share their experiences with, but for some of us, those closest are either unavailable or don’t share our holiday interests.

Our ethics
Someone2travelwith wishes to conduct business in an ethical way and in doing so to minimise our impact on the environment and maximise service to our members.

We are Internet based to make the most of current technical innovation, but this has the added advantage of minimising the demand for consumable products such as paper and manual storage mediums.

We are a business which believes in the fundamental capacity of mankind to do good for each other and humanity in general. We are not, however, naive or stupid and acknowledge that whilst there is merit in most and we are constantly surprised and pleased by the good we see around us, a few bad apples do exist, some worse than others. Our philosophy therefore is to look for the best in members, business associates and service providers, but to do so whilst exerting caution and common sense; we would ask you to do the same.

We will give you respect unless or until we have reason to doubt your sincerity. We will not tolerate illegality, our position compromised, the abuse of our service, facilities or members.

We trust that you will meet us in a spirit of reciprocal friendship and will benefit from the potentially life-changing opportunities provided by the companions you meet on the Someone2travelwith site.